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Bura na mano Holi Hai!

✨ Join us for spectacular Holi celebration at Maiaca, hosted at the picturesque Kendall Indian Hammocks Park ! 🎉🌟✨ Get ready for an unforgettable colorful event filled with bollywood music, dance, and delectable Indian delicacies! Don't miss out on this fun and colorful Holi event!🍸🥂🍹

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MAIACA’s mission has been to bring visibility to all forms of Indian Art and Culture to the local community. From Indian Art exhibitions at local museums, to cultural performance of Indian and western dances, to eclectic musical performances and on to conversations about modern Indian art and its influence on the world stage, MAIACA – in its short existence – has made an impact on the community. During the pandemic, switching seamlessly to digital programming, MAIACA continued to bring quality programs to the community.

Travel along with us as we continue to bring an array of cultural programs to you. 

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  • Click on Past Events to see details of our history. 

  • Choose the Donate Button to help support us as we continue to search and source good quality programs that highlight our rich and diverse heritage. 

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The Meaning of "Maiaca"

Maiaca is a Hindi word that means a daughter's mother's house. We chose this word to represent our organization because it gives the connotation of a daughter or child returning home, to be taken care of.  That's how we want Indian-Americans to feel when joining us.

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MAIACA Board of Directors

Executive Team


Vinita Chakravarty


Vice President

Jinita Thakkar


Meena Bakhai

Interim Secretary

Anjana Mishra

Dir of Compliance & Grants

Anjana Mishra

Director of Events  

Amruta Parekh


Kiron Gajwani

Dileep Yavagal


Vinita Chakravarty (2020 & 2021)

Anita Uppaluri (2020 & 2021)

Dileep Yavagal (2018&2019)


Vinita Chakravarty

Dileep Yavagal


Niraj Mehta

Sunita Bharwani

Sandeep Chugani

Indranil Ghosh

Megha Gupta

Vicky Kamlani

Saurabh Kumar

Shweta P. Lavania

Ranga Parasuraman

Gita Patel

Pari Patel

Chitra Ramakrishnan

Pooja Uberoi


MAIACA connects all who are passionate about Indian Arts and Culture

under a common platform, through diverse events, activities, and community programs.


MAIACA aims to promote Indian Arts and Culture by showcasing  Artists,  Events,

and Organizations that interweave our traditional roots with that of contemporary India.

MAIACA is proudly associated with

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